We exhibited at the “Tourism Expo Japan 2022” held from September 22nd to 25th at Tokyo Big Sight in cooperation with the booth in Ibara City, Okayama Prefecture.

Bisei Town is located in the northern part of Ibara City. It is the first in Asia to be certified as a “Starry Sky Sanctuary (Community Category)” by the International Dark Sky Association (2021). Their activities to protect the dark sky as a community were evaluated.

From the laboratory, we exhibited a VR planetarium only by using the starry sky images of Bisei Town with our “Asynchronus Parallel VR Experiencing System”. We made it so that anyone can easily experience the starry sky of Ibara City. Approximately 240 people experienced it. Thank you very much.

Okayama is famous for its high percentage of fine weather. It’s a great place to casually enjoy the beautiful starry sky!

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