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Professor IDEHARA Norimichi ( idehara@tama.ac.jp )



The mission of Idehara Laboratory, Tama University is to develope students to the following skills:

  1. to understand and to acquire new technology by their own
  2. to find out the problems that could be solved with information technology
  3. to present the most appropriate solution and to implement it


In around 1995, there was a small informal group of students who were studying software technology with Idehara, an assistant and a part-time lecturer at that time. They could not earn any credits but they were eager to study. The students had to wait for the official commencement of the laboratory until 1997.

At the beginning, the themes of laboratory were artificial intelligence (AI), computer network, geographical information system (GIS) and 3D graphics.

The turning point hit the laboratory in 1998 when a team of students was awarded the second prize in IVRC (Intercollegiate Virtual Reality Contest; now called International collegiate Virtual Reality Contest). The project “Genshi” offered a mammoth hunting experience on a tricycle using an HMD and a spear device. After that, the implementation of interactive system became one of the most important topics in the laboratory.

Since then, there were such activities as:

  • NHK Asia Pacific Robot Contest Japanese Elimination Finalist(2002)
  • Invitation to Laval Virtual from IVRC (2003)
  • Presentation at SIGGRAPH and IMAGINA (2003-2004)
  • Direct application to Laval Virtual (2005)
  • Collaboration with ESIEA (École supérieure d’informatique, électronique, automatique) , France (2009-)

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